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Silent and Vibration-free Sheepiling Method since 1975

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Steel sheet piles are widely used as quick and economical material to form earth retaining walls. It can be installed into the ground by a comprehensive range of piling equipment. One of the most environmental friendly method, silent and vibration-free, is known at silent piler method.

Unlike conventional percussive vibratory hammers, silent piler install and extract sheet piles by hydraulic jack powered press-in forces. Therefore basically minimial vibration to the surroundings. This method of works is particularly preferred to vibration sensitive buildings and environments such as hospitals, schools, residential areas and near to public underground cables and services.

Advantages of Silent Piler

  • Silent and vibration-free with minimial disturbance to surrounding environment
  • Requires small working space which allows it to work at congested area and places with limited headroom
  • Coupled with water-jets or augering attachments, installation can be performed under hard ground conditions

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