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Excavator Vibro / Auger (EV/EA)

Vibro-mounted excavator, also known as excavator-vibro, is a machine widely used to drive and extract steel sheet piles, steel beams and steel plates. With the ease of mobility and simple mechnical adjustments, the excavator can propel the vibratory hammer to carry out its task at most locations.

We uses various based machines like Komatsu, Hyundai, Kobelco with extended main booms with the required attachments, capable of handling lengths up to 15m from ground level.

In the event of encountering hard soils, i.e. N>25 or refusal, the vibro hammer can be detached and replaced with a rotary motor and continuous flight auger (CFA) for localised soil loosening, known as pre-augering

  • Excavator machine base means ease of maneuvering around work area
  • Efficient in the handling of steel piles
  • Rapid installation with high productivity
  • Pre-augering attachment can changed conveniently on site
  • Ease of mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Noise and vibration concerns during installation and extraction works
  • Unable to install and extract piles too far from machine
  • Limited to maximum 15m pile length to work with
  • Only suitable for soil conditions, SPT N < 24 without auxilary methods
  • Heavy self-weight, unable to work on slab or structure
  • Highly dependent on the operator skills and experience

Silent Pilers

Steel sheet piles are widely used as quick and economical material to form earth retaining walls. It can be installed into the ground by a comprehensive range of piling equipment. One of the most environmental friendly method, silent and vibration-free, is known at silent piler method.

Unlike conventional percussive vibratory hammers, silent piler install and extract sheet piles by hydraulic jack powered press-in forces. Therefore basically minimial vibration to the surroundings. This method of works is particularly preferred to vibration sensitive buildings and environments such as hospitals, schools, residential areas and near to public underground cables and services.

  • Silent and vibration-free with minimial disturbance to surrounding environment
  • Requires small working space which allows it to work at congested area and places with limited headroom
  • Coupled with water-jets or augering attachments, installation can be performed under hard ground conditions
  • Requires a service crane
  • Unable to install and extract piles if unable to reach by service crane
  • Only suitable for soil conditions, SPT N < 24 without auxilary methods like pre-augering
  • Heavy self-weight, which may require bigger service crane
  • Highly dependent on the operator skills and experience

Pre-Augering Rigs

A Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) rig is a type of construction equipment used for drilling holes in the ground for various purposes, such as foundation work, soil sampling, and pile installation. It uses a rotating auger (a spiral-shaped drill bit) that removes soil while the hole is being drilled. CFA machines are commonly used in construction and geotechnical engineering projects.

In the case of ERSS, it’s objective is to loosen hard ground without too much soil disturbance unlike pre-boring method, to facilitate the installation of sheetpiles or soldier pile wall

Service Cranes

Service cranes, also known as mechanics cranes or utility cranes, are specialized lifting devices designed for tasks such as loading, unloading, and transporting heavy equipment and materials in industries like construction, maintenance, and utility work. They are commonly mounted on trucks, trailers, or other vehicles to provide mobility and flexibility.

Service cranes typically feature hydraulic or electric systems to lift and maneuver loads, and they often come with telescopic booms that allow for reaching various heights and distances. These cranes are widely used for tasks such as lifting tools, machinery, generators, and other heavy objects in a variety of settings.

  • Telescopic crawler cranes
  • Excavators with LM certificates
  • Lorry cranes

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