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This is how we started our journey …

About Sing Lee

Since its beginning from 2008, we have grown and evolved to what we are now. Over the decade, we have accumulated vast experience from the numerous jobs that we have undertaken. It is our aim to keep ourselves to update with market and authorities requirements. Most importantly, our performance exceeds our clients’ expectation.


Commit to deliver what we promised to our clients

Overcome all difficulties with positive attitude and mindset

Value everyone in our organization just like how we value our family


To become Singapore’s most trusted and dependable ERSS Provider.

Our Core Values



Many people communicate but few connect. In Sing Lee, we aim to connect with clients through listening and understanding their needs, treating them with respect and sincerely offer them value solutions.


Team Work

Sing Lee promotes unity and team spirit. Sharing knowledge and skills, each individual effort contributes to a strong resilience force to face challenges, and infuse a sense of community and belonging in the organization.



Everyone in Sing Lee is encouraged to be open and honest, keeping commitments and always behaving professionally and ethically. This brings about earning trust and respect through honesty and fairness and taking personal responsibility in everything we do.


Personal Excellence

Sing Lee demand personal excellence in everything we do. We maintain the highest expectations and always give our best. This drive for excellence will earn trust and loyalty of our clients and deliver result.


Continuous Improvement

Feedback and training are highly valued and recognized as essential elements for any organization to progress. Sing Lee aims to improve all areas of the organization through feedback from both clients and its employees. Trainings should be provided on regular basis to bring about higher standard and professional service.

Exploring Our Journey

Our Journey


JIP Equipment Pte Ltd

  • With its first machine directly imported from Japan, TSM130 Still Worker, JIP Equipment Pte Ltd provides silent and vibration-free sheetpiling services. This includes rental with operator and sub contract works.
  • Although it wasn’t new technology at that time, it is one of the first company to specialise in this form of sheetpiling method.
  • Due to the strong demand from both government and private sectors, our fleet grew from 1 to 7 units of silent pilers within the first 3 years, mainly focusing on rental services.
  • Our position in the market was further enhanced with our own maintenance team, which reduces equipment downtime significantly


JIP Construction Pte Ltd

  • With a team armed with sheetpiling and temporary shoring knowledge, there was an overwhelming requests for JIP  to take up more significant role in construction works.
  • In order not to confuse the market as a equipment company,  JIP Equipment Pte Ltd was renamed to JIP Construction Pte Ltd. From then on,  JIP Construction Pte Ltd, not just only provide silent and vibration-free installation services, it also provides more comprehensive TERS  (Temporary Earth Retaining Structures) works such as sheetpiling with vibro method, soldier pile with steel plate lagging, strutting works, etc.
  • While JIP continues to expand its silent piler fleet, it also added excavators mounted with vibratory hammers and auger motors.
  • In addition, JIP started trading of used sheetpiles and steel beams materials to provide better optimisation of these materials in the market. By reusing these steel materials, it will lower the demand of new ones, thus reduce exploitation of our natural resources.


Sing Lee Engineering Pte Ltd

  • JIP continues to provide cost efficient and high productivity construction solutions to clients as a TERS contractor and also equipment rental services.
  • In 2014,  a new entity, Sing Lee Engineering Pte Ltd was setup to focus on the operation and business of equipment
  • In 2015, JIP Construction Pte Ltd is renamed as Sing Lee Corporation Pte Ltd.


Sing Lee contractor Pte Ltd

  • In 2016, Sing Lee Contractor is incorporate focusing on ERSS projects.
  • Sing Lee (Chinese: 新力) means renewed or new strength. The idealogy is for everyone in the company to continuously renew and find new strength in both themselves and the company, expand into new horizons and become better and stronger.

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