Excavator Vibro

Fastest Piling Method for Sheetpiles, Soldier Piles and Kingposts

Excavator Vibro

Excavator Auger

Vibro-mounted excavator, also known as excavator-vibro, is a machine widely used to drive and extract steel sheet piles, steel beams and steel plates. With the ease of mobility and simple mechnical adjustments, the excavator can propel the vibratory hammer to carry out its task at most locations.

We uses various based machines like Komatsu, Hyundai, Kobelco with extended main booms with the required attachments, capable of handling lengths up to 15m from ground level.

In the event of encountering hard soils, i.e. N>25 or refusal, the vibro hammer can be detached and replaced with a rotary motor and continuous flight auger (CFA) for localised soil loosening, known as pre-augering

Advantages & Limitations


  • Excavator machine base means ease of maneuvering around work area
  • Efficient in the handling of steel piles
  • Rapid installation with high productivity
  • Pre-augering attachment can changed conveniently on site
  • Ease of mobilisation and demobilisation


  • Noise and vibration concerns during installation and extraction works

  • Unable to install and extract piles too far from machine

  • Limited to maximum 15m pile length to work with

  • Only suitable for soil conditions, SPT N < 24 without auxilary methods

  • Heavy self-weight, unable to work on slab or structure

  • Highly dependent on the operator skills and experience

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